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Special profiles

Special profiles can be produced in various ways, depending on the product-specific application. VOL-Stahl offers you hot-rolled, cold-rolled as well as cold-drawn special profiles made of steel and stainless steel.

By using special profiles, we enable the processing industries to reduce waste by up to 40% compared to machined production parts.

Surface roughness: Ra<2.5
Tolerances: h9, h10, h11
Cross sections: 10 to 6300 mm²
Rod length: 2 to 12 m, or in Coils à 800 kg


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Bead flat steels

Components for elevator construction

Drilling steel profiles

Elevator guide rails

Flat steels

Hexagonal steels

Leaf spring profiles

Lift mast profiles

Linear guide rails

Linear Guide Rails

Lock profiles

Perforated hexagonal steels

Ploughshare Profile

Profiles for lift cabines

Profiles for rims

Round steels

Splined shafts

Square steels

Steel wall conectors

Turntable profiles

Valve plug piece profiles

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